Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Will Be Valiant

I want to teach this song to the kids really, really bad.  So tomorrow is the day. It is fun, upbeat, catchy, and different from the other songs we've been singing.

I've included a flipchart that I found on Sugardoodle.  I'm just going to attach the pages on the board - not use them as a flipchart, and then once the kids have sung it a few times, pass out a bunch of Kazoos (from Oriental Trading) and let them sing through those.  Maybe ... we'll even march around the room with them.

What could be funner than a kazoo?  Huh?  Here's the link:


  1. Love the Kazoo idea. Although, are you concerned about germs when reusing them another week?

  2. I didn't re-use them. They were purchased at the dollar store, so I didn't feel bad about throwing them out. I thought of having them write their names on them, but ended up dumping them anyway.

    Another idea I came across is to put tissue paper over small combs and hum into those. Haven't tried it, but it sounds promising. One could sanitize the combs. I wasn't sure whether the kazoos would withstand all that.

  3. I use a do-ta-do. Roll up a piece of paper (I use scratch paper from the library's stack). When you say do-do-do to the rhythm of the song into the tube, it sounds just like a kazoo.