Sunday, February 6, 2011

Primary Valentines Mailman

I've been working on this little guy for next week, the day before Valentines Day.  I found him on "The Divine Secrets of a Primary Chorister" Blog:

I blew him up and colored him on a thick foam board, then with a large needle and dental floss, I attached a little denim bag I already had.

To get the U.S. Mail on the front, I just printed off the  words on my computer, using a red font, outlined them in thick black, cut them out, then attached them on the front of the bag with a product called, Aleene's Paper Napkin Applique Glue.  You use it just like Mod Podge, but it bends with the fabric a little more.  Mod Podge would probably work too.  I just happened to have this stuff.

I'm going to jazz up the background some, not sure how just now, but I'll think of something...   I'll have
valentines inside with the names of songs about love and caring.  Then before the kids leave, I'll re-fill the bag with valentines just for them....with a special treat.

What will you be doing for Valentines?

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