Monday, January 4, 2010


I found this darling birthday hat at Zurchers, and bought three of them. Starting this year, the birthday kids get to wear the hat when the kids sing to them. I lead the birthday song with the giant birthday candle. It's made out of an empty wrapping paper roll, covered with red wrapping paper. For the flame, I just freehand - drew on yellow construction paper, cut out, stuffed with tissue paper, and stapled shut. Since the candle looked so much like a Christmas candle by then, I cut out strips of white paper and glued them on with a glue stick. You could also find printed contact paper to cover it with - which would probably be quicker. The whole thing was covered with clear contact paper for protection. The thing can also be used as a pointer when teaching a new birthday song!

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  1. Oh! I love this. Cute cute. Only I'd need like five of the hats... we have over 300 kiddos in our Primary...