Monday, January 11, 2010

Teaching Activities

This week we worked on the second verse of "I Know That My Savior Loves Me."  I hung the flip-chart pictures on a clothesline held by two tall kids.  Then I removed the pictures/words one at a time, until they had learned it pretty well.

After singing the song a few times, they were ready for the dice.  These are dice I inherited from a former chorister.  They're made out of cardstock and covered with clear contact paper.  The big one designates WHO will sing, i.e. everyone, boys, girls, specific classes, etc.  The small one designates HOW the song will be sung.  It also teaches them what the musical words mean, too.  A child is picked to come roll the dice - or you could pick two children.  One for each die.  They LOVED it, and it was a lot of fun. A great way to get them to sing a song over and over without getting bored.

The sides of the Small Die:

Legato - I actually use my pink tape measure and slide out for louder, in for softer, all the way in to hum.
Staccato -  This is really fun.  The picture is of a chicken eating chicken feed.  Perfect.
Allegro - Fast!  Picture is a running rabbit.
Andante - Slow. . .  Picture is a turtle
"p" - Soft.  Picture of a finger with a butterfly on it.
"ff" - Loud.  Picture of a lion.

The Large Die:

A Boy - Boys only sing
A Girl - Girls only sing
Boy, Girl, and Teacher - Self Explanatory, right?
Adult Male and Female - Teachers and Leaders
This side has a line drawn diagonally to divide groups.- CTR 6-7 (junior);  Valiant 10-12 (senior)
In half again - Sunbeams, CTR 5 (junior);  Valiant 8-9 (senior)

Here are a couple of templates for dice that I got off the Singing Fun CD for 2010. (purchased at Deseret Book)  These look WAY fun.  I'm sure I'll be using these in the future.  As soon as I get around to making them.

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