Sunday, January 30, 2011

Fifth Sunday Fun

We got a new Primary Presidency last November, and they have some great ideas they're implementing.
On the fifth Sundays we are visited by various prophets from the scriptures.  Today we welcomed Lehi and Nephi!  They told stories, and interacted with the kids in a fun and informative way.  Here's Lehi (I wasn't aware that Lehi wore a tie, were you?)  He told about his dream, and what it meant.  The kids were right in the palm of his hand.....

Here's his son, Nephi.  He brought his bow and the actual sword he used to obtain the brass plates!

We weren't sure just how long these guests would take, so I brought my "Silly Singing Time" stuff, but added another item.  This:

I put JUST Fun Songs/Activity Songs in this bag - to use with the "Silly Singing Time" cards.   See this post here.  It was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS and FUNFUNFUN!  Can't wait to do it again.  

*Note:  I know, I know, I wasn't aware until I got to Primary that I had actually planted a "Sponge Bob" picture on this bag....   I'll see if I can find a replacement... 

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