Tuesday, January 11, 2011

January Schedule and More "Stuff"

Here is my schedule for January.  The 2nd isn't on there cuz I didn't even type this up until last week.  I used to do a much more detailed schedule, which included Jr and Sr Primary singing times.  But this year, I teach EVERYONE at the same time.  We only have 40-50 kids total in our primary, and we never see that many even on a good day.  So....  no big deal.  Sharing time is all together as well.  That means I get to go to Sunday School with my hubby.  Sweeeet! is my plan for Jan.  It's not so cute.  I want to "cuten" it up just a bit for next time.

I should be able to scan this puppy in and get a better look.  But I didn't have time to monkey with it this morning, so forgive me for the crummy photo. get the idea. 

I did teach the chorus to the "Iron Rod" last week.  I told them about a time during the week that I was trying to climb some outdoor stairs covered with thick ice....and how I had no treads on my shoes....and how I NEEDED to hold on the the railing (hence, the iron rod).  Then went on with that line of thinking.  It was really easy to teach them....even without visuals because it's so short....just two lines.

As for next week, we'll be singing some tunes we haven't sung for a while.  "Seek the Lord Early" was sung in  the 2009 program, but I don't think we sang it even once last year.  I made a poster using pictures I had on some popsicle sticks.  The pics, I believe, came from a resource called "Singing Savers" for the 2009 program.  But I'm sure you could find similar pictures online.  Here is my poster:

I use flip charts frequently too, but sometimes the ones I find online have really small words.  The kids in the back just can't see them...I'm sure.  So I downloaded the flipcharts off the Jolly Jen Flipcharts website, and made larger words to go with.  I used a #72 font.  I print them on cardstock or just regular paper, then insert them in clear plastic sheet covers, cut off the side with the holes, poke two holes at the top, and attach them to rings.  I'm sure you all do the same....I mostly speaking to brand-spankin' new chroristers here.
I put the flipcharts in a folder with the same name, and file alphabetically.

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