Monday, January 24, 2011

January Review Week 4

I started out having the kids sing through IILWMH with the flipchart (see previous posts).  Then I took the flipchart apart and placed the pages all over a table.  I used my brand-new "Golden Helpers" book that I found on this link here.  It really helped.  No more hands and little kids running up to me to pull on my dress.  Divine.  The little yellow tab on the page is to let me know that child has had a turn.  

As I called each name, the child was supposed to come up, pick a page from the flipchart and decide if it fit on row 1 (1st verse), row 2 (2nd verse), or row 3 (3rd verse)., on the board. They came up, but ... one teacher said it best, "I don't think they were really trying."  Yikes!   Luckily I brought my poster this week.  Because the pages were all so scrambled it would have taken quite some time to sort them out on the board.

So we sang with the poster.  Never mind my crooked phrases.  Next time I'll use a level....sigh...  I used the idea for "pitch sticks" I found on Kathryn's blog here.  The little kids loved it, the bigger kids broke them in pieces.  ...sigh #2...  Did I mention we have mostly boys in our primary?  I didn't even dare bring out the paint brushes I brought for "painting the music," also on Kathryn's blog.  I loved the ideas, but found them to be more geared toward the Jr. Primary-aged kids.

However!  For the 3rd verse I brought out Mr. "Crescendo Crocodile", an idea by Tifany that I found here.  And they all picked back up and sang beautifully!  The little guy was easy to make, and I could even draw it!  That's something.....

I was exhausted by the end of Primary.  It's tough keeping all ages interested when we're all together.  But now I have a better idea of what types of activities keeps everyone engaged.

If it weren't for all of you.....and your great ideas, I couldn't function in this capacity.  A big heartfelt thankyouthankyouthankyou to all you singing time bloggers   Consider yourselves hugged!


  1. Sorry about yesterday's experience. I can't imagine trying to do singing time with ALL the kids at the same time. Hats off to you for even hangin' in there! I like your poster:) Do you do the "blobs" for your posters? Just curious. I found that both Jr. & Sr. kids enjoy splattering posters.

    I find consolation knowing that one can NEVER experience the same day twice:) Keep your head up, you're doing great!

  2. That is GREAT consolation. Thanks, and "yes" I use blobs....just not yesterday. Thanks for your crocodile idea! I've wanted to use a puppet for this same type of idea. But the croc got done, and I still don't have the puppet. It's like that......

  3. Sorry it flopped but I must say it makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one with those days! Love the crocodile idea.