Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pie Plate, Rocks, and a Sponge

Weird name for a post, but I wanted to share with you another object lesson I used in teaching "If I Listen With My Heart."  It came right out of a terrific object lesson book I picked up at Deseret Book for $12.99.
It's by Beth Lefgren and Jennifer Jackson, and it's full of great ideas for bringing home the points we're trying to make.  It's not just for kids, either.  It's for teachers in all areas of gospel teaching.  (No, I'm not getting a kickback, and I don't know the authors....It's just a great little gem!)

Anyway, I used little rocks, cuz all the big ones are outside under  8 feet of snow.  I took them from one of my  floral arrangements....   I put the rocks in one pie pan and the sponge in another.  Then asked, "Which item will soak up more water?  Then I poured half of the water over each item.  There should be no water visible with the sponge, your water is clearly seen in the pan with the rock.  Ask, "Why does one pan have more water than the other?

We are like the rock(s) when we read our scriptures without purpose or focus; the truths of the scriptures run off and cannot fully penetrate our souls.  We are like the sponge, however, when we prayerfully study the scriptures; we absorb gospel truths because the Spirit is able to teach us.

A scripture goes with this,  John 5:39;  Mosiah 1:7    I think they liked the OL.  You could hear a pin drop during the presentation.

Then I went on to teach the second verse of IILWMH.  I changed the flip chart from last week by adding some key words.  Like this:

I just thought it was sort of a stretch to expect the kids and teachers to comprehend the picture's meaning and put the right words with it.  I can take the words off later as a game after we learn it better. BTW, the CD-ROM (last post) was also $12.99 at Deseret Book.  I keep all my receipts and deduct them along with my tithing deductions at the end of the year.

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