Sunday, January 2, 2011

If I Listen With My Heart

Ok, this is what we did today:  I decided to begin with an object lesson to introduce the new song.  I began by bringing various devices in one by one and turning them on; a CD player, a radio, an Ipod, a cell phone, my Ipad, etc. 
Then after all these machinery were doing their thing, I had a volunteer come up and read a scripture.  (Any scripture will do, since it won't be heard anyway.  That's the point.) Then I asked whether the electronic devices made a difference in how they were able to listen to the scripture.  I likened the electronic devices to the business and complexity of the world around us, explaining that sometimes the everyday noises of the world make it difficult to hear the promptings of the Spirit in our lives.  Then I asked, "How can we resolve that problem?"
That's when I introduced the concept of "listening with our heart."  (eye contact, not being busy, etc.)

In order to introduce the 1st verse about listening to the scriptures, I asked the children to imagine...what if they had been children when Jesus lived on earth, what would they have liked to do?  (This took some imagination.)  After hearing several responses, they were gently guided to, "I would have liked to walk with him and listen to his words.)
  • Since we can't go back to that time, how we can hear his words today?  (Pull out scriptures)
  • Read Matthew 7:26 quickly.  Ask, "Was I really listening to what I read?"
  • Ask how to listen with your heart when reading (with the spirit)
  • Ask them to listen with their hearts while you read again (vs. 24)

Then I brought out my flipchart and discussed the words which go with each picture.  (1st verse only)  Then I played the song on the CD with the kids singing.  (From the church website) 
I had the words on the other side for me.....
The flipchart was from a CD-ROM I found at Deseret Book, called "Singing Fun!" which has visuals and ideas for this year's theme. 
To be honest, they didn't really LEARN the first verse today, but at least they developed a concept of what the song is about, and what it means.  AND  they even seemed to like it!

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  1. You've got some really good ideas here--thanks for sharing!
    P.S. How much was the CD-ROM?