Saturday, December 1, 2012


I've been Primary Chorister for the past 4 years.  I've blogged a bit about things I've done, but mostly have gleaned ideas and inspiration from other bloggers here.  This past year has been very busy,  and I found myself kind of "cheating" and just using others' ideas and making them my own.  But isn't that what we're all doing here?

Anyway, I was released last Sunday.  I am extremely ambivalent about the whole thing, as I was feeling pretty comfortable with the calling, and had so many things prepared from previous years that preparation wasn't as frantic as it was in the first years.  But as soon as one gets "comfortable" in a position, that's when the release comes, it seems.

My main reason for posting is to thank everyone here who have provided me with their ideas, templates, flip charts, poster ideas, games, pictures, and everything else that made my calling fun, challenging, and meaningful.  I'll miss this little community.  God Bless!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Charades and Spin the Human

This is so much fun.  I purchased these charade cards from "Green Jello With Carrots."  Click here.  I'm giving them a plug because they have such awesome stuff.

Here's how I used them:

I "laminated" them with clear contact paper.  Then I borrowed a swivel chair from the bishop's office, placed the cards face down all around the chair.  Then using my "choosing can" I picked kids to come sit in the chair.  With their legs straight out, I twirled the chair and whatever card was under their feet was the one the child could act out.  There are Reverent actions and Rowdy actions.  The primary kids were to guess what type of action was being portrayed.

I had brought a portable file box filled with a whole bunch of my songs and accompanying visuals.  The child then got to pick a file, and help with the visuals while we sang.  I usually am given more time on the 4th week, so we were able to get through about 7 songs.

*WARNING!  Make sure the child is holding onto the sides of the chair when twirling.  One little sunbeam twirled off the chair and halfway across the room!  Although quite hilarious, it took a while to get the kids calmed down (especially me!).  He wasn't hurt, but was laughing so hard he could hardly stand up.  Ahhhh Primary!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stand For The Right - Audience Participation

When I was going to College, I eventually learned that I needed to employ each sensory tactic in order to really learn something.

 That means I needed to HEAR it (via professor), SEE it (via books & notes), WRITE it (re-writing and editing my notes), and SAY it
(yes, reciting out loud to myself).

This is why I love participation more than just standing there talking to kids and asking questions.  I know I find myself daydreaming in classes like that, at it's a sure thing the kids do, too.

This week I'll divide the kids into four areas.  Each area will be assigned a rhythm method for their line of the song.  (i.e. clapping, snapping, leg slapping, foot pounding, etc.)  All to the beat.  It's in 3/4 time, so the rhythm is 1- 2 -3, 1- 2 -3, 1- 2 -3, etc.  After practicing their rhythms, I'll sing the words, and the kids can sing along as they feel ready.

So Area #1 will clap 1-2-3, 1-2-3,...while singing "Our Prophet has some words for you"

Area #2 will snap to the beat while singing "And these are the words, Be True, Be True"

Area #3 will hit their legs and sing, "At work or at play, in darkness or light"

Area #4 will pound their feet to the beat and sing, "Be True, Be True and Stand for the Right."  In which EVERYONE will STAND when the words, "Stand For the Right" are sung.  That way, everyone must pay attention.

After each area knows their own line, I'll have everyone sing the whole thing, changing rhythm methods as they sing each line.  It might be fun to have a child from each area come up and do the actions while everyone sings with them.....sort of a game to see who can go through the whole song without messing up.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

New-Fangled Choose Sticks

Move over tongue depressors.  There's a new kid(s) in town!  I found these at a store called Utah/Idaho School Supply.  I'm sure any school supply store will do.  They have great stuff.

The best thing about these guys is they're each basically a white board, so you can wipe off a child's name as they graduate, move, etc.

Just thinking, it might be fun to dress these guys up somewhat for each holiday.  Like, I saw some foam cutouts of cowboy hats that could be taped on their heads for July.  Maybe even tie a little piece of a red bandanna around the neck....  green boleros for St. Patrick's Day.....etc.  It's these little details that the kids seem to respond to so much.  ANYthing for the kids, right?

Teaching Scripture Power

On the 4th Sunday of each month, when a member of the bishopric visits and speaks to the children,  we get to have singing for the duration of the time left over.  It's great since that's usually a review day.

I decided to begin teaching next month's song a week early due to my upcoming vacation.  So......drumroll please.......let me bring your attention to this fantastic booklet I found on "The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister."  I say "booklet" because it's better than a flip chart.  It has a whole page dedicated to the words with a whole page picture to go with it.  The pics are darling.  Here's the link.

Scripture Power Booklet

I began by reading the "book" to them like a storybook.  Then we sang it.  On the front of the binder, I had taped the words so I wouldn't have to bend my head around to look at the pages.  The kids LOVED it!  The older kids remembered it, but enjoyed reviewing it.

I want to get the pages laminated and spiral bound this week, so it will  really BE a book instead of just another binder/flipchart.  That's how "The Ordinary Chorister..." suggested doing it, and it sounds like an adorable alternative.

I chose "helpers" to come up and get dressed in the armor, (picture above) which was also a big hit.  I found the armor at the dollar store last year some time, knowing I would eventually use it.  This was really fun.  Next week I'll bring out even more pieces, such as the helmet, girdle, etc.

As I'm sure all of you have, we've been pushing for the kids to bring their scriptures.  They were sure glad they did today, as almost all of them were able to heft them into the air for the SCRIP-ture Power Chorus.  FUN DAY.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Traffic Light String

When I was the pianist in another ward, the chorister made up one of these, only she used a 1 Liter pop bottle that she cut the middle out of, and fit the two ends together, to hold the string.  Apparently, there is no such thing as red, yellow, and green multi-colored yarn, so I bought three small yarn thingys(?) and tied them together randomly.

Not owning a liter of pop, I needed to make use of what could be found around the house.  Eventually I found a can of french-fried onion rings in my pantry,  put them in a zip-lock, punched a small hole in the lid, covered the can with wrapping paper, printed off some pics I found online, and voila'!

A helper pulls the string steadily while we sing.  Of course green="GO," Red="STOP," and then they'll hum when the yellow string surfaces.

Scripture Power! We'll be re-learning this song next, except probably not like this. But it's worth watching for a laugh.