Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's Over!!

Our Primary program was two weeks ago.  I just wanted to post here and let you know how it all came off...after my perceived trauma (see previous post). 

First of all, thank you-thank you to those of you who commented, gave advice, and most importantly, support.  It meant the world to me...really! 

Well...the program was absolutely wonderful.  We compromised a bit and placed a couple of the recommended songs back into the program, leaving off just one of the songs the kids hadn't sung in a while.  The two teachers DID sing, "This is My Beloved Son."  However, they were a young husband and wife team who teach one of the older classes.  They did a great job, and nobody seemed to notice that it was unusual.  I don't know if they planned it or not, but they were even color coordinated.  (smile...) 

One thing that I did (which one of the teachers told me must have been "inspired") was to sit right next to the podium on the stage.  Then when the kids sang, I held up a poster with graphics and words. I held it resting my left arm on the podium so that the poster would not be seen by the congregation.  I led the song with my right arm.  Having the words there really helped, I think, as an added assurance that they would SING! My primary is made up of ALL BOYS  (well, maybe three girls, but you get the idea...)  And typically, boys are not the most reliable singers.....

They sang their little hearts out!  I was just so proud of them all. 

Now that brings us to last week, when we had one of the most fun primary singing times all year.  It took ZERO preparation, people!  It's a "Name That Tune" kind of idea.

1.  The children were to try to think of their favorite song without disclosing it to anyone else.
2.  I passed out numerous primary songbooks to help them, if they couldn't remember the name of the
3.  I picked a reverent child to come up and whisper the name of the song to the pianist.
4.  She played a few notes for the children to guess.
5.  After the children guessed the song, the child got to lead it - or do the actions, etc.

I was A.M.A.Z.E.D. at the songs the children chose....and the fact that they could guess them!  Even the teachers got into it.  The older kids really got into it and tried to find the most obscure songs like, "The Thirteenth Article of Faith."  But even that one got guessed.  With the songbooks passed out, the kids could use them to help them sing the songs they didn't know all the words to.

A great time....   Since even I didn't  know what the songs were, I got to "play" with the kids.  I loved it.