Sunday, March 27, 2011

Charades and Spin the Human

This is so much fun.  I purchased these charade cards from "Green Jello With Carrots."  Click here.  I'm giving them a plug because they have such awesome stuff.

Here's how I used them:

I "laminated" them with clear contact paper.  Then I borrowed a swivel chair from the bishop's office, placed the cards face down all around the chair.  Then using my "choosing can" I picked kids to come sit in the chair.  With their legs straight out, I twirled the chair and whatever card was under their feet was the one the child could act out.  There are Reverent actions and Rowdy actions.  The primary kids were to guess what type of action was being portrayed.

I had brought a portable file box filled with a whole bunch of my songs and accompanying visuals.  The child then got to pick a file, and help with the visuals while we sang.  I usually am given more time on the 4th week, so we were able to get through about 7 songs.

*WARNING!  Make sure the child is holding onto the sides of the chair when twirling.  One little sunbeam twirled off the chair and halfway across the room!  Although quite hilarious, it took a while to get the kids calmed down (especially me!).  He wasn't hurt, but was laughing so hard he could hardly stand up.  Ahhhh Primary!

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  1. Spin the Human was a big hit with my primary kids. We will definitely be doing that one again. Thanks for the great ideas!