Sunday, February 27, 2011

Teaching Scripture Power

On the 4th Sunday of each month, when a member of the bishopric visits and speaks to the children,  we get to have singing for the duration of the time left over.  It's great since that's usually a review day.

I decided to begin teaching next month's song a week early due to my upcoming vacation.  So......drumroll please.......let me bring your attention to this fantastic booklet I found on "The Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister."  I say "booklet" because it's better than a flip chart.  It has a whole page dedicated to the words with a whole page picture to go with it.  The pics are darling.  Here's the link.

Scripture Power Booklet

I began by reading the "book" to them like a storybook.  Then we sang it.  On the front of the binder, I had taped the words so I wouldn't have to bend my head around to look at the pages.  The kids LOVED it!  The older kids remembered it, but enjoyed reviewing it.

I want to get the pages laminated and spiral bound this week, so it will  really BE a book instead of just another binder/flipchart.  That's how "The Ordinary Chorister..." suggested doing it, and it sounds like an adorable alternative.

I chose "helpers" to come up and get dressed in the armor, (picture above) which was also a big hit.  I found the armor at the dollar store last year some time, knowing I would eventually use it.  This was really fun.  Next week I'll bring out even more pieces, such as the helmet, girdle, etc.

As I'm sure all of you have, we've been pushing for the kids to bring their scriptures.  They were sure glad they did today, as almost all of them were able to heft them into the air for the SCRIP-ture Power Chorus.  FUN DAY.

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